Is Cold Contagious?

Hell yes! Cold viruses are very contagious. You can be infected from the moment someone starts coughing, snorting and sniffling. So try to stay away from colds to avoid sniffling yourself! In addition, a cold can be spread through objects. So make sure you wash your hands regularly.

Can you catch a cold from the air conditioning?

When the air conditioning is properly set and cleaned regularly, you cannot get sick in principle. So check whether the humidity level is between 45% and 60% and clean the filter of the air conditioning regularly. This way you prevent bacteria and fungi from running free. 

How long does a cold last?

A cold will pass on its own and lasts an average of seven to ten days. Be prepared for the coughing, sneezing and sniffling to continue for several more weeks. So give your body some time to recover. 

Can you exercise if you have a cold?

Yes, it doesn’t hurt to exercise when you have a cold. It is important to listen carefully to your body. Slow down if you notice that your body is struggling.

What does the color of your snot say?

Healthy snot is clear and colorless. Yellow snot usually indicates a cold. Green snot can indicate a bacterial or fungal infection. Red or brown snot indicates blood. Note: this is no reason to immediately raise the alarm. Red or brown snot can indicate inflammation of your sinuses or a small wound in your nose. Do you suffer from yellow, green, red or brown snot for more than a week? Or are your complaints getting worse? Then consult your doctor.

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